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The goal of the Community Garden group is to promote community well-being by creating opportunities to share, learn, and practice in edible Native gardens. The objectives of this group are to hold at least two 1-hour meetings per month. Each meeting will have 20 adults in attendance, one sharing moment regarding edible Native plants, and one hand-out per participant. Thirty minutes of each meeting will involve hands-on practice in the garden working with Native plants.

  • 40 members have joined this committee
  • 15 raised beds have been constructed and filled by members of this committee
  • ½ acre of white corn has been planted

This community group collectively configured the raised beds in a Hiawatha Wampum Belt design to symbolize communal solidarity. In addition, the community group has elected to organize itself using the ancient clan system to guide recruitment and support initiatives in the community. The clan identity will help to establish clear roles and accountability of committee members.