Food Is Our Medicine

Welcome to Food Is Our Medicine, Healthy First Nations

The Food Is Our Medicine Project is a partnership between the Seneca Nation of Indians and the Seneca Diabetes Foundation (SDF). Although independent of the Seneca Nation, the SDF works to raise money to fund Seneca Nation health, wellness and recreation programs in order to positively affect the impact diabetes has on Seneca people of all ages.

Community Garden

Community volunteers help plan, orchestrate and maintain our community gardens, events, and outreach. Our goal is to revitalize our traditional Native foods.

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Farmers Market

Local vendors offer organic produce and other fresh healthy choices.

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Elders’ Sharing Circle

The Elders’ sharing brings everyone together. Monthly topics  include traditional medicines, garden planning and native plants significant to our culture. Elders teach respect and ethics for honoring Mother Earth.

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Native Plants

We are improving our environment by restoring, preserving and maintaining our local indigenous plants.

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Youth Mentoring Program

The goal of the Youth Mentoring Program is to receive traditional knowledge from knowledge holders, apply it, and show other youth how to apply it.

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Activities, Events & Workshops

Food Is Our Medicine hosts events such as the Indigenous Food Challenge, Food Is Our Medicine 5K Run, annual plants sale, and Farm-to-Table cooking demonstrations.

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